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Queenship of Mary: Why Lucifer is upset

Go to Fr. Brankin's bioMonday, Aug. 22, 2011, The Queenship of Mary
Fr. Anthony Brankin
Gospel: Luke 1:26-38 “Hail full of grace,  the Lord is with you!”

Homily summary: There is a painting by Velasquez, in which Mary is in the middle. She is being crowned by the Father and the Son.

There is a tradition which says that Lucifer and all the bad angels got upset over Mary because she has the title Queen of Angels and Heaven. The bad angels rebelled over the notion that a human would be over them. They are upset that God would make a human the queen of angels and of heaven, and the mother of the Messiah. And, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity is human as well.

How this must upset the bad angels — that humans would be so intimately involved with God. For example, that the Pope is head of the Church. Thank God for his revelation, and all the ways God deals with us — for all that we understand, and for what we don’t understand as well.

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