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The miraculous occurrence of St. Zenobius and other martyrs

Second Sunday during Lent

Deacon Robert Banet

St. Zenobius

Never heard of him. Who is he?

He was a priest and a doctor, too. He lived in Tyre?

Where’s that?

Eastern Mediterranean coast. Anyway, he and other Catholics were arrested for not accepting the government religion. This was in the early days of the 300’s. Diocletian was the pagan emperor. They were thrown into the arena where fierce animals were primed to tear them to pieces. But a funny thing happened.


The animals, a bull, leopards, wild bears, rushed toward them and suddenly stopped. This happened a number of times, no matter how much they were goaded by their keepers. In fact, they turned on these pagans and attacked them. Finally the martyrs had to be slain by the sword.

What faith they had! They gave their lives for the faith. But how do we know about them? Maybe it was all made up.

Well, I’m glad you asked. There was an eyewitness. Eusebius, the first Church historian. He saw these things happen.

You know, I’m going to remember these saints whenever I say the Apostles’ Creed.

Why then?

Well, we recall the communion of saints in that prayer. I’ll be in communion with those martyrs of old.

You make a good connection.

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