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When God seems a million miles away

32nd Week in Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

I just can’t seem to pray any more. God seems a million miles away.

Yes, Charlie, I know what you mean. Sometimes it happens for a reason.

Like what?

Like generosity or rather the lack of generosity.

Generosity? What’ that got to with prayer?

Well, St. Teresa or I should say Doctor Teresa, says we are deficient in being generous to His Majesty, as she called God.

I don’t follow. You must be generous in becoming detached from earthly things. Sinful things of course but even not sinful, like that piece of candy or that TV show.

So that’s what she means by generosity.

Yes. But there are other possible reasons for this dryness.
Go on.

Sometimes God distances Himself from you.

Why would He do that?

To make us yearn for Him the more.

You mean like if water  is lacking, the your thirst grow greater.

God wants to increase your desire for Him.

That makes some sense, I guess.

Yes, He wants to make us love Him for Himself and not for the good feelings He sometimes gives.

That’s pretty deep, pretty hard.

Yes, I know. But don’t be tempted to give up your meditation. Hang in there and keep trusting and believing that He is there, listening and being pleased with you.

How good God is.

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