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She’s the Mother of God – Scripture says so

First Sunday of Advent

Deacon Robert Banet

Mother of Jesus?

Look, I’ll grant you Mary was the mother of Jesus but I can’t go with mother of God. That makes her greater than God.

I thought Wes settled that, Martin.

Well, I’ve been talking to my minister and he says that’s a purely Catholic belief.

Martin, you believe in the Bible, don’t you?

Of course.

Well then you remember when Elizabeth greets Mary, what does she say?

You tell me.

She asks how is it that the mother of my Lord comes to me.

Where do you get that? That’s not in the Bible!

Look at the first chapter of Luke and you’ll find it.

Doesn’t the word Lord also mean a governor?

Yes, but do you mean to say that Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, thought Mary would bring forth a secular ruler?


Surely you don’t want to say the Holy Spirit was mistaken.

Er… maybe I’ll have to take this back to my minister.

Good idea, Martin.

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