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“Reproductive rights” – hides an unpleasant truth

Fourth Week of Advent

Deacon Robert Banet

(An overheard conversation)

Well, George, what does it look like?

Well, John, from the two-hundred year perspective it looks pretty good.

What makes you say that?

Well, the country that we founded is really looking out for the mothers. Oh? What do you mean?

A major political faction is working for a mother’s reproductive rights.

George, don’t you know what that means?

Well, it means the government aims to help mothers when they give birth.

George, that’s not what it means at all.

Well then what does it mean?

It means the right of a mother to kill the child in her womb.


Yes, it’s their way of using language to hide an unpleasant truth.

Ah John, you are right.

What do you mean?

You said the Constitution we gave them was meant for a moral people.

Maybe that foreign group will set them straight.

You mean those Romans?

Yes, those Catholics.

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