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Why is God testing me?

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Deacon Robert Banet

Angela, you look so down. What’s the matter?

Oh, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a few problems.


My sister-in law thinks I lied to her and won’t speak to me and my son is still in jail.¬† I could manage that but my back is giving me trouble again.

Maybe God is testing you.

Testing me? What for?

Did you ever hear of St. Faustina?

No, who was he?

She. She lived in the last century and talks about things you might be interested in.


She kept a spiritual diary and talks about trials. She says God allows them to develop virtue.

Come  again. Develop virtue?

Yes. God wants us to grow ever closer to Him.

I’ve got enough on my mind without thinking about that!

He wants to use those trials that you have to grow more perfect. In other words, to be worthy of heaven. You know, you have to be perfect to enter heaven.

I would listen to St. Faustina. I wouldn’t doubt if some day she would be declared a doctor of the Church.

Well, what should I do to follow her advice?

Tell your troubles to the Lord Jesus and tell Him you trust in Him. Tell Him you offer these sufferings to the Father.

Well, maybe I’ll look into it. Thank you.

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