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God’s creation – not a lot of hoo-haw

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Deacon Robert Banet

And that one over there is Rigel. It’s in the constellation Orion.

Oscar, you are a wonder.

Well, I just took this course in astronomy. And look, there’s Betelgeuse?

Beetle juice?

That’s what the ancients called it. It’s supposed to be many times bigger than our own star.

Oscar, you know everything about the names of stars.

Not quite! And you know what. God gives all those millions and trillions of stars a name, each one individually.


Yes. Psalm 147. He numbered them and He named each one of them.

Oh that’s just a lot of hoo-haw.

I don’t think so. But just think. If He knows all that about the stars, think about how He knows and cares about us.

You think He knows about us right here and now?

I do indeed.

If that’s true, I’d better be more careful about what I do and say.

Yes. It’s an awesome thought.

Dear God, I thank you for this lesson. How great you are!

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