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How an atheist can build your faith

Fifth Tuesday in Lent

Deacon Robert Banet

Charlie, why are you so keen on atheists?

I really appreciate them.

Why in earth would you do that? You’re a Mass-going Catholic, aren’t you?

Yes, and maybe that’s why I appreciate them. They bolster my faith.


They are great believers.

How do you figure that?

Well, they must believe that in the beginning was hydrogen.


And out of that simple element came all this wonderful variety of other elements and all the wonderful variety of plants and animals. And it all came about without any agent directing the traffic.


And all it took was time.


Yes, time, zillions of years ?

And you say nobody was behind it?

Right. As one of the leading atheists said, “We must not let the Divine foot in the door.”

Wow, again.

And another former atheist said, pointing to his marble-top coffee table, Given time I used to believe this marble could fly to the moon.

Do they really believe that?

Yes, they fervently believe it.


So it’s their strong faith that makes me envious and makes me want to strengthen my own faith.

I see. And I for my part, makes me thank God all the more for my gift of faith.

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