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We’re abandoning the poor souls in Purgatory

Sixth Sunday in Easter

Deacon Robert Banet

This is the third one I’ve received!

Third what, Oscar?

Third refusal.

What are you talking about?

I’ve sent money for Masses for people who have passed away.

So? What’ to get so excited about?

In all three cases they sent word that the money was sent to organizations like hospice or a memorial for the deceased.

Well, that sounds okay.

Why didn’t they have Masses said? That’s what I wanted.

I think Catholics don’t believe in Purgatory any more.

Maybe you’re right.

We’re so focused on this world, we have it so nice with all our conveniences, so  filled with earthly pleasures that we don’t think of the other world.

Maybe you’re right. We were made for the Beatific Vision.  We were made to adore the Blessed Trinity and we are stuffing ourselves with a mess of pottage.


You know – the story of Esau. He sold his birthright to his brother Isaac for a common dinner.

God help us to be guided towards our Heavenly destiny!

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