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We have dignity since we are made in God’s image

Pentecost Sunday

Deacon Robert Banet

I’ve been reading Dr. Catherine again.

Who? You know, Catherine of Siena, an official teacher of the Church.

Ah, yes. What does she have to say?

She notes that as being made in the image of God, she has great dignity.

I see. The Bible says we are made in the image and likeness of God.

So that means that I too have that great dignity. But what about that non-dignity. What does she say about that?

She says that she is a mirror of God and when she looks in that mirror she sees herself as God sees her and she becomes conscious of her own non-dignity.


And then she becomes more grateful to God for loving her.

Why does she always say “she”? Does that exclude us guys?

No. The mystics always speak of the souls, and the soul is thought of as feminine.

Oh. That’s kind of hard for a guy to get used to.

Well, you know, God is the active agent and we are the passive, that is, the feminine, the receiver part.

I see. Praise God!

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