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God gives to some the gift of amusing us

Feast of St. Henry

Deacon Robert Banet

What are you reading, Charlie?

Oh, it’s a book on Greek mythology.

Sounds pretty dull to me.

This chapter is about the Muses.

You know, the muse of song, the muse of drama.

You know, maybe there’s something to that.

Oh? How so?

You know, God gives gifts, like some people have a great voice, some have a comic talent, others play wonderful music. some are great quarterbacks and so on.

I agree. But so what?

Well, where do those gifts come from? Who’s the giver?

I suppose you want me to say God.

Right. God not only gives spiritual gifts. He also gives natural gifts, natural talents.

Why would He do that?

Well, He knows that the normal workaday world could be drudgery, could be boring and monotonous.

So He gave some people special talents to amuse us.

Oh, I see.  He has an interest in a-musing us. (Pardon the pun!)

Yes, He’s an incarnational God, a God who took on our flesh, our human nature who looks after not only our spiritual good but our human needs as well.

That’s very a-musing.  But seriously, I will be more mindful of God when I go to a Cubs’ game.

Good idea! Praise be Jesus Christ!

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