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Why did God blind their eyes?

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

Whence this puzzled look, Charlie?

It’s what Jesus says in John’s gospel.


Jesus says God blinded their eyes.

What on earth for?

He blinded their eyes so that they would not understand. If they understood, they would repent and He would have to forgive them.


They would understand with their hearts and “I would heal them.”

That doesn’t make sense. Why would God not want to heal them?

I don’t know. And that’s what gets me. That’s why Jesus did explain the parable to the crowd. He explained them only to the disciples.

I never saw that before.

You could look it up. It’s in the twelfth chapter of John and yes, you do have to read the whole chapter!

I’ll do that. But you know, maybe we should be happy.


Well, Jesus did not explain the parables to them but He does explain them to us.

I see. I don’t know about the crowds but I can be thankful that I have the explanation.

Yes. And now we have to work on putting the parables into practice!

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