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Why did God punish King Ahab’s son?

Transfiguration of the Lord

Deacon Robert Banet

I see you’re reading the history books of the Bible.

Yes. They’re very interesting.

Did you comes across King Ahab’s repentance?

No, tell me about it.

Ahab accepted his wife’s plan to get false witnesses to bring about the death of Naboth.

That’s terrible!

So it is. But Ahab repented and God forgave him. But, and get this, God said He would not punish Ahab but would punish Ahab’s son.

That’s not fair!

You could read about it in the twenty-first chapter of First Kings.

Do I have to read the whole chapter?

As, come on, Charlie. You ought to be glad I didn’t reference the whole book! Let’s get back to the main point, how God seemingly unjustly punished Ahab’s son.

Yes, I would like that.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have an explanation.

Then why’d you even bring it up?

Well, I just wanted to show you that the Bible has many things that are hard to understand and that we just have accept them until someone offers an explanation.

I see. We just have to trust God and believe His word even when it is very difficult.

Yes. Praise God for our gift of faith.

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