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God has compassion for the animals, too

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

The Compassion of God

Oscar, did you ever think of the compassion of God?

Well, yes. He has great compassion for us, His people.

Yes, on us – but also for the lesser forms of life, like the animals.

No, I have never thought about that.

In the book of Exodus, He wants the Israelites to allow the firstlings to remain for a week with their mothers.

Why would He do that?

I suppose, just like human babies, they would want to be with their mothers. So too the animals.

Wow! That gives new meaning to God’s compassion.

Yes. And then there’s the business of  not boiling a kid in its mother’s milk.

That’s odd. I wonder why.

My guess is out of reverence for the mother.  Imagine a human baby’s sensibilities being reminded of the sacrifice of his mother.  A little touch of family reverence, perhaps.

Maybe you’ve got something there. Do you suppose God is pleased every time I give my dog a drink or let her in the house when it’s too hot outside?

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. Glory to God!

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