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What teaching can be changed by the Church?

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

You remember last week when you were talking about slavery and taking interest on loans?

Yes, I remember and there is something I forgot.

Yes, it seemed that way to me.

I said that things that were intrinsically evil could not be changed.

Such as?

Such as intentional murder and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

And what about things that are not intrinsically evil?

That’s what I forgot to develop.

Well, now’s your chance!

Things that are not intrinsically evil can be changed if the Church so deems.

Please explain.

It seemed to the Church that slavery should be abolished as being more in line with humaneness and the dignity of man.

So the change in the attitude toward slavery cannot be used by those urging change in other matters?

Right. Same with usury, that is, interest. It is still wrong to take advantage of a poor man but if someone borrows to invest in a money-making plan, that alters the case significantly.

So those urging change in the moral law cannot use the usury argument.

Right. Some ancient practices can be reversed because the matter is not intrinsically evil.

Glad you cleared that up.

Glory to God and thank Him for His Church!

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