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A simple cell shows that atheists believe in the impossible

31st Monday in Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

What are those things?

Oh, they are ports to bring in new material and get rid of the useless. I see. And those over there?

That’s a transportation system, carrying products from one place to another.


Yes, there are factories there.

Why, you’re showing me a city, a big city. You had me fooled there for a minute.

Good guess, Charlie. But it’s really a picture of a human cell. You have millions of them in your own body.

Wow! Who would’ve believed it!

Atheists have to believe that all that complexity and interactiveness came about by chance, without any designer.

I’m glad I’m a believer. It makes more sense to me. But why are you always harping on atheists?

Good question. The polls tell me that many young people are claiming to be atheists and I want to show how absurd a position that is.

Well, I hope they find out how untenable their view is.

Me too. Glory to God!

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