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Why did God choose lowly circumstances for His Son to be born?

Feast of Mary the Mother of God

Deacon Robert Banet

Get me to the Hospital!

Can’t you drive any faster!

I’m over the speed limit as it is.

Is this the way to the Hospital?  It looks like Burnham Avenue.

It is Burnham Avenue.  There’s an old barn out this way that I think will be good.

A barn! Why would you think such a thing? For one thing, it will be cold.
Oh, there will be some farm animals there.  That will make it cozy.

Oh, Joseph sometimes I wonder why I married you.


Grandpa, did that really happen?

Well no, son. Not really.  But in a sense it did.

What do you mean?

Well,  God did indeed choose lowly circumstances for His Son to be born.  He could have chosen  a royal palace.  Nurses and servants at hand.  But He didn’t.

Maybe to show us that lowliness and poverty are important.

Well,  son I see you have the makings of a great theologian.

Thanks, grandpa. Glory to God.

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