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New Homily Website Attracts Thousands


(May 21, 2010) A new website featuring MP3 homilies and images of classical paintings has proved immensely popular in its first few weeks.

The website,, features a unique approach of mixing religious images as the homily is being presented, and then broadcasting the video homily far and wide via video sharing sites.

“We were surprised and pleased to see that the first video homily we launched gained more that 1,000 views in its first two days,” said the website’s creator, Kevin Banet, a web developer in the Chicago area. “That homily was even seen in mainland China, so we know there’s a way to reach hundreds of millions of households throughout the world where the Gospel is restricted.”

A small handful of video homilies have been viewed more than 1,600 times in the first month. The homilies are also available as MP3 downloads.

Impressed by Homilies

Banet launched the first video homily April 19 after hearing homilies in the Chicago area that impressed him. “I asked myself whether such teaching had to be limited to the four walls of the church,” he said. “The Church tells us to use the internet. We have the distribution through, YouTube, and our website. Anyone can see them for free, so let’s light the world on fire with the Gospel,” said Banet, who has worked in the fields of vocations and pro-life for more than 25 years.

One homilist on the website is Fr. Anthony Brankin, a strong promoter of the Latin Mass in the Chicago Archdiocese. “Fr. Brankin is a real scholar, and yet he can touch the hearts of everyone with a straightforward and inspiring presentation of authentic Catholic teaching,” Banet said.

“I began audio recording the homilies, and then my wife suggested, ‘Why don’t you let people see something while they hear the homily?’ ” Banet recalled. Thus, the video homily was born. Images include classical art that is in the public domain as well as photos taken within churches. “We’re hoping to put other priests online as well and will accept nominations as homilists,” Banet said.

Catholic organizations can also take advantage of this new venture by advertising on the website. Go to Contact Kevin Banet at 708-393-4098, or