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How can an atheist explain the beautiful butterfly?

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Deacon Robert Banet

Thank you, Lord!

What do you keep muttering under your breath, Oscar?

I can’t help it.

Can’t help what?

Can’t help thanking God I’m not an atheist.

What’s the big deal about that?

Well, I look around at the world, its complexity, its order, its beauty.  It’s […]

How an atheist can build your faith

Fifth Tuesday in Lent Deacon Robert Banet

Charlie, why are you so keen on atheists?

I really appreciate them.

Why in earth would you do that? You’re a Mass-going Catholic, aren’t you?

Yes, and maybe that’s why I appreciate them. They bolster my faith.



Religion: a crutch?

24th Friday in Ordinary Time Deacon Robert Banet

Yo Scottie! Haven’t seen you in a while. What’s up?

Oh, I’ve been to the university. I’m a full-fledged neuro-scientist.

Then we’ll see you in church again?

Fraid not. I don’t believe in that stuff any more. I’ve found that religion is a crutch. Something a smart […]