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A simple cell shows that atheists believe in the impossible

31st Monday in Ordinary Time Deacon Robert Banet

What are those things?

Oh, they are ports to bring in new material and get rid of the useless. I see. And those over there?

That’s a transportation system, carrying products from one place to another.


Yes, there are factories there.

Why, you’re showing me a […]

Hell – Did Jesus really descend into it?

All Souls’ Day Deacon Robert Banet

I’ve always been bothered every time we say the Creed on Sunday.  How so?

Why did Jesus go to hell?  In the letters of Peter they say Jesus went to to preach to those in hell. Why preach to them if they cannot repent?

I think I can clear up […]

What teaching can be changed by the Church?

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Deacon Robert Banet

You remember last week when you were talking about slavery and taking interest on loans?

Yes, I remember and there is something I forgot.

Yes, it seemed that way to me.

I said that things that were intrinsically evil could not be changed.

Such as?