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Full of God’s glory

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) Deacon Robert Banet

I still can’t see it!

What can’t you see, Charlie?

We say in the Mass that heaven and earth are full of God’s glory. So where’s the glory?

It’s all around us, Charlie. See that maple tree over there? That is […]

The whole of creation is somehow a mirror of God

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Deacon Robert Banet

There was no model to copy from.

What do you mean?

I’m talking about the creation of the world.


Can you imagine the Father saying to the Son, Let’s make a sky.



We have dignity since we are made in God’s image

Pentecost Sunday Deacon Robert Banet

I’ve been reading Dr. Catherine again.

Who? You know, Catherine of Siena, an official teacher of the Church.

Ah, yes. What does she have to say?

She notes that as being made in the image of God, she has great dignity.

I see. The Bible says we are made in […]