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The two Judases — what’s the difference?

Wed., April 20, 2011 Fr. George Knab Gospel: Matt. 26:14-25 “One of you will betray Me”

Summary: There were two Judases who were Apostles. Both were to be the foundation stones of the Church. Both believed Jesus to be the worldly Messiah, and to use violence if necessary. Both were confused over the hostility of […]

Making the most of life without the fear of death

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Fr. George Knab Gospel: Matt. 26:14-75 Last Supper and Passion of Christ

Summary: As a hospital chaplain, Fr. Knab knew a 15-year-old boy with lymphoma. One day his windpipe swelled up, and he could not breath. Doctors brought him back, and afterward, the boy  explained that he had the experience of […]