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Alexander the … Butcher

Feast of Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen Deacon Robert Banet

Yo Clive, where have you been?

Just got back from the museum. They’ve got a great exhibit. Week long.

Oh? What was it about?

Alexander the Great. Wow! What a Man. What was so great about him?

Why, he conquered many countries, much […]

What did Jesus write in the dust?

Friday of the Third Week of Advent Deacon Robert Banet

You remember the time in the Bible when they caught the woman in adultery?

Yes. I’ve often wondered about the man. Wouldn’t there have been a man involved?

Hmmm. Never thought about that. But what interests me is what Jesus wrote on the ground.

Yes, […]

Natural Family Planning – an antidote to our sexual insanity

Guest editorial

Natural Family Planning book, by one of the pioneer couples of the movement.

What’s the best antidote to our sex-crazed society? What can we do about it?

If you ask a wise person, you’ll learn that the root of the problem is the separation of the life-giving and love-giving aspects of the […]