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Let Us Purify Ourselves

Seventh Sunday of Easter Fr. Anthony Brankin


Go and teach all nations, says the Lord; I am with you always, until the end of the world.

These words, taken from Our Blessed Lord as He was about to ascend into Heaven, are being fulfilled in our very midst. Two weeks ago 300¬†young adults received […]

Grace and power of the Spirit in Confirmation

Fifth Sunday of Easter Fr. Anthony Brankin


We had a wonderful event this week. The Holy Spirit confirmed about three hundred young men, women, and adults. Thousands came to Saint Odilo this week to four Confirmation ceremonies to pray for our young people. And may I add, that half of the children also received their […]

The sacramental view

Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by Deacon Robert Banet

Grandpa, what did the priest mean in his homily by the sacramental view?

Well son, he means the way of looking at things as God’s being with us by means of things we can see or touch.

I don’t understand.

Well, when you […]