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Why is God testing me?

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Deacon Robert Banet

Angela, you look so down. What’s the matter?

Oh, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a few problems.


My sister-in law thinks I lied to her and won’t speak to me and my son is still in jail.  I could manage that but my back is […]

We are judged on the merits of our lives

Second Sunday of Easter Fr. Anthony Brankin


The Sunday after Easter and the glow of from the Resurrection has not dimmed. Our meditations about the Resurrection of Jesus—the promise of life eternal, the hope of our own resurrection—the implications for our own lives have actually increased. God loves us so much that He would […]

Why didn’t the Father take the cup away?

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Deacon Robert Banet

I’ve been reading about the First Sorrowful Mystery. It’s a mystery, all right.

You mean where Jesus asks the Father to take the cup away?

Yes. What is that cup?

It means the passion and death of Jesus that is coming. It is so full of suffering that […]