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Why must we accept suffering?

Mon., April 7, 2014 Deacon Robert Banet

I really like St. Catherine.

Oh?  I’m glad to hear it, Charlie.

That’s St. Catherine of Siena, I mean.  I like her except when she talks about suffering and pains of all kinds.

What does she have to say about that?

She says, if you choose to love […]

Why does God still keep me here?

Mar. 31, 2014 Deacon Robert Banet

What’s wrong, aunt Clara?  You look like you’ve lost your best friend.

Oh, I was just thinking.  I’m wondering — why I am still here?

Why, you know why you’re here.  You learned that in catechism class.  We’re here to love God and serve him and be happy with […]

God didn’t make us talking dolls

Mon., Mar. 24, 2014 Deacon Robert Banet

You know Aunt Clara?  She’ Charlie’s  aunt.

I seem to remember. So what’s this about what she gave for Christmas?

Well, she gave her granddaughter a talking doll.

A what?

You know, a doll with a string that you pull.

And then?

And then a record inside the […]