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The true meaning of ecumenism

Fourth Sunday in Easter

Deacon Robert Banet

What is this business about ecumenism anyway?

Well Charlie it’s like this: it seems that folks have different ideas about it.

Different ideas?

Yes, they say it’s like let’s all get along and forget about our differences.

Well that sounds like a pretty good idea. Don’t you think so?

Yes, up to a point.

I don’t understand your hesitation. Continue reading The true meaning of ecumenism

You must persevere in charity to be saved

Third Sunday of Easter
Deacon Robert Banet

I see you’re got your nose in a book again. What is it this time?

It’s the CCC.

The CCC?

You know. The Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Every Catholic home should have one.

Well, what is so interesting about it? Continue reading You must persevere in charity to be saved

If Jesus were your pastor…

Divine Mercy Sunday

Deacon Robert Banet

Is Father Jesus in?

Afraid not.  He’s following His learners.

His what?

His learners. That’s English for disciples.

Oh. And what were they doing? Continue reading If Jesus were your pastor…