Recruit Priests, Sisters, Brothers

Want to attract devout Catholic men and women to your religious community?
Try our Come & See Vocation Promotion Program.
It’s a unique vocation promotion program that recruits men and women to religious and consecrated life.

Walk a spiritual path with the Visitandine Founders, Saints and Sisters. Visitation Spirit website
Free others from today's forms of captivity. Become a Mercedarian friar. Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy Philadelphia, PA
Consider a life of prayer and teaching. Sisters of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary Washington, DC



Sponsor a Homily

Promote your Catholic organization with a Homily Sponsorship/Ad Link Package

Fifty-six million Catholics in the U.S. browse the net. Are you reaching them? Let the Catholic world know about your work! Your organization can benefit greatly from a homily sponsorship, and from our ads and links among our network of websites. Your ad will be seen by more than 1,200 persons who visit this website each month.

See video, “The Mission of Great Catholic Homilies.”

Audio homily sponsorship

Each time someone clicks on your MP3 homily, they will hear your pre-roll commercial that will consist of music, a short ad for your website, and your website address. The homily will follow. Listen to how it works with a homily on the Guardian Angels.

You will also be supporting the Church’s message of salvation throughout the United States and the world, which is so hungry for the Gospel.

Ad link network

When you sponsor a homily, you also get placed on our network of ad links. This means that you get links from other websites in our network, and these links lead to your website. The links are very important in raising your ranking in the search engines, such as Google, when people search for your kind of information and services.

Your Homily Sponsorship/Ad Link Package includes:

Our homilies are given by excellent speakers who are faithful to Pope and Magisterium. They preach the messages that you always want to hear, and their talks are very much in demand. Learn more about our homilists. Read our press release, “New Homily Website Attracts Thousands.”

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