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Saintliness is for all walks of life

Friday of 7th Week in Easter

Deacon Robert Banet

All are Called

I’ll be lucky if I squeeze through the Pearly Gates.

You know, Richie, we are all called to holiness.

Well, think that’s okay for priests and nuns but for me, I’m just a lowly peon.

You may be a lowly peon, but the Bible, the Church and the holy doctors say everyone is called to infused contemplation, infused contemplative prayer.

I just don’t see it that way. All that mysticism, mysterious voices, that’s for special people. Continue reading Saintliness is for all walks of life

The glory of God in everyday things

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Deacon Robert Banet

Did you see that, Richie?

See what? That drainpipe?

Yes, the water is trickling down.


It’s the glory of God! It’s the ice on the rooftops melting and coming out through the spout. Continue reading The glory of God in everyday things

Why Christ died for us

Divine Mercy Sunday

Deacon Robert Banet

So again, how old are you?

I’ll be nine next month.

And your question?

Why did God the Father want his Son to die?

Well Amelia, the short answer is to save us from Hell.

How could that be? Jesus did not do anything wrong.

True. But let’s look at this way. Man has been sinning since the time of Adam, right? Continue reading Why Christ died for us