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Prodigal son in modern times

34th Monday in Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

Alec is back!

What’s all the fuss about?

Fuss is right. He’s hired a three-piece combo together with emcee. He’s having it catered by Teibel’s.

But what’s it for?

For Alec, that’s who!

That no-good brother of mine!

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The Mercedarians in the United States

This video gives the viewer an overview of the Mercedarians in the United States. You can view our the cities we are in, our houses, our apostolates, and various friars.

The Strange Ways of God

33rd Monday in Ordinary Time
Deacon Robert Banet

Did you ever hear of a man called Shemei?

Can’t sat that I have. Who was he?

He threw stones and rubble at King David. And he cursed him too. The King’s guards wanted to punish him but David did not allow it. He said maybe the Lord wanted it.

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