Great Catholic Homilies

"Faith comes by hearing, and what is heard is the Word of Christ."

Creation is being threatened as never before

October 21st, 2014

Photo of Fr. Brankin. Go to Fr. Brankin's bio.27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Fr. Anthony Brankin

If you ever took the Archer Avenue bus to go downtown, somewhere past Ashland Avenue, you will remember that the bus goes over a little tributary of the Chicago River. It is just a branch—kind of a dead-end little section—with old rusting warehouses and sheds and ruins of brick factories forming the background. And lining the scrabbly edge of the water thick with dirt and debris there are the usual weedy trees of paradise along with hundreds of scrubby bushes.

(It has always intrigued me that the favorite tree of dumps and coal yards and abandoned dead-ends is called the Tree of Paradise.) Anyway on one particular day—I was taking the Archer Avenue bus. I was looking out from the bus window looking at all the old buildings—and when we rode over that very spot of the river, I looked down and I noticed bubbles popping on the surface of the water—as if it were starting to rain. Bubbles here and there—all over. I looked up and the sky was clear. I couldn’t figure this out.

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Are Moses and David in heaven?

October 20th, 2014

Sunday, 29th Week in Ordinary Time
Deacon Robert Banet

Hey, Charlie.  Why such a long face?

Oh, I was just thinking of those poor guys in the Old Testament. They didn’t make it to heaven.

What do you mean, didn’t make it to heaven?

Well, did you ever hear of St. Moses?  or St. David?

No.  It’s true we don’t usually use the title “saint” for those who lived before Christ. But that doesn’t mean they’re not in heaven.

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John F. Kennedy, and rendering unto Caesar

October 17th, 2014

Fr. Joseph Eddy. Go to Fr. Joseph

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Fr. Joseph Eddy, O. de M.

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It was September 12th, 1960. The nation was in the midst of the Cold War. Yet, for American Catholics this was a time of hope and progress. Catholics in the United States were for the first time rising from the status as a marginalized minority group into the mainstream of society. In almost every sector of society, they were gaining power and influence that could never afore have been dreamed of.

Below video: History of the Order of Mercy, and Fr. Ken Breen’s vocation story

The greatest example of this was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This handsome young war hero with the beautiful wife was running for the presidency of the United States. Despite the enormous strides which had been made by Catholics to overcome prejudice and stereotypes, many Protestants still had concerns about a “Catholic President”. The openly wondered, “Would this man have his first allegiance to the Pope or the Country and Constitution?” Continue Reading…