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What the waiters knew at Cana

First Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

I’m thankful for the Pope’s setting up the Luminous Mysteries.

Oh, you mean the ones focusing on the public life of the Lord?

Yes, especially the Cana wedding.  All those details! The Blessed Mother taking charge without being asked, Jesus seemingly turning her down, the enormous quantity of wine. Continue reading What the waiters knew at Cana

“Reproductive rights” – hides an unpleasant truth

Fourth Week of Advent

Deacon Robert Banet

(An overheard conversation)

Well, George, what does it look like?

Well, John, from the two-hundred year perspective it looks pretty good.

What makes you say that?

Well, the country that we founded is really looking out for the mothers. Oh? What do you mean?

A major political faction is working for a mother’s reproductive rights.

George, don’t you know what that means? Continue reading “Reproductive rights” – hides an unpleasant truth

A Christmas decoration rarely seen

Second Sunday of Advent
Deacon Robert Banet

Look at that one over there!

Yeah, that’s Joe Dixon.

He must have added a couple reindeer . And would you look at Jim’s!

He got Jingle Bells going.

Always something new. I have to give the prize to Johnson’s.

Oh you mean the one with the cascading snowflakes?

Yeah. That’s great. Joe, what¬†about that one over there? Looks like a little house or something. I. can’t quite make it out.

Oh that. That’s the O’Leary’s. It’s a manger scene.

Oh you might know.

What do you mean?

Some people have to drag religion into everything.