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Jesus – a Divine Person

Holy Week

Deacon Robert Banet

I’ve been reading the history of the early Church and now I know what Peter and Paul meant when they warned against false teachers.


Yes. A lot of the early believers had wrong ideas about who Jesus was.

I thought it was pretty clear that He was the Savior.

Yes they went wrong in saying that He was two persons.


Yes, a human person and divine Person.

How could they believe that?

And then there others who said he was a human person who was especially blessed by God, something like a super saint.

Hard to believe that even the very early Church could go so wrong.

And there were others who denied that God the Son was eternally begotten. These heretics were very numerous and many bishops taught this error.

How did the truth survive?

Briefly, Church councils.

God gave His Church the gift of protecting it from error.

What then do we say about Jesus?

Jesus is a divine Person who took on human nature. The natures are not mixed. He is true God and true man.

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