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It’s nice, but this is not our home

Tuesday in the 30th Week of Ordinary Time

Deacon Robert Banet

This is not your home!

What is that you’ve got on your computer?

That’s Bishop Sheen?


Bishop Sheen was a great television preacher years ago.


Yes. This sermon that you see is one of my favorites.

What’s it about?

He keeps on reminding us that this is not our home.

What did he mean?

He meant that we have it so nice here, our home, our food, our circumstances, our comforts, it pleasures — that we forget that our real home is not here in this earth. This is not our home!

I get it. He wants to remind us of heaven. That’s our real home.

Maybe that’s why Jesus said blessed are the poor.

I don’t follow.

Well, the nicer you have it here, the less likely you will forget about heaven.

Oh I see. The poorer you are the more likely you will be to yearn for the life that is to come.

Yes. So keep it up, bishop, keep pounding the pulpit to remind us that this is not our home.

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