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Christmas has Become the Yearly Season When the Money Changers Drive Jesus Out of the Temple

First Sunday in Advent Fr. Anthony Brankin

Of course we all know that there are two Christmas seasons in the United States. There is the Christmas  season of the Church in which we prepare for the birth of the Messiah—and proclaim our love for the One who is going to save us from our sins. […]

Christmas: a pagan make-over?

Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent Deacon Robert Banet

You Christians are real opportunists.

What do you mean, Richard?

Take Christmas.  You took a pagan holiday and made it the birth of your Christ.

Well, not that that would  be a bad thing.  But that’s not the way it happened.

Tell me about it […]

Mary and Joseph head for the barn

Monday of the Second Week in Advent Deacon Robert Banet

Can’t you go any faster?

I’m going over the speed limit as it is, Mary.

This doesn’t look like the way to St. Margaret’s Hospital.

That’s right.  I’ve got a better idea.

I hope it’s better than this junk heap you bought.  Where are we […]