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To speak with authority, we must listen to Authority

Fr. John Granato, S.M. Gospel of Mark

MP3 Audio

Summary: This Gospel shows that both the demons and nature listen to Jesus Christ. The Apostles and Mary Magdalene were told to no longer be quiet, but to preach the Good News. We are no longer called to be quiet. We are given the same […]

Love is the proof of Christianity

Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 2, 2010 Fr. J.C. Gavancho Gospel: John 13:31-35. “Love one another” MP3 Audio 15 min.

Summary: We go to heaven because Jesus Christ has opened the door for us. Paul and Barnabas proclaimed the Gospel in places where Christ was not known. Our faith is based on love, on the […]

We must be witnesses of Christ

Daily Mass April 15, 2010 Fr. Juan Carlos Gavancho Gospel: John 3:31-36. Jesus speaks of God the Father and the Son MP3 Audio 4 min.

Summary: The fight against sin and division is within our souls. This world does not want to accept Jesus. We must be witnesses of Christ. The Apostles preached the Gospel, […]