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Hollywood spews its mess – and the result isn’t sweet

By Kevin Banet Guest contributor

While my son was researching Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919 as part of a school lesson, I realized that there was an eerie parallel between this and Hollywood.

Now, hold your horses, because what I’m about to reveal won’t likely be taught in your child’s high school history class in their discussions […]

A “Self-Emptying” that Will Change Africa, and the World

From left: Nick Costello, HEAL President; Kevin Banet; and Br. Leo Okonkwo, HEAL Founder.

by Kevin Banet

The man who sat next to me didn’t have the appearance of the kind of leader I’d expect to see. Yet his vision has inspired hundreds of volunteers and religious missionaries in one of the poorest areas of […]

Story of a parish on a lampstand

Where the Church should be; The inspiration for this website; an appeal for your help

About five years ago I noticed something unusual at my parish. The pastor was new, and the congregation listened politely, as they usually do to a homily. But this priest was different. There was a palpable truth in what […]