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Love, family, and life…as Jesus taught

Fourth Sunday of Easter Fr. Anthony Brankin


There has been a lot of news these days in the media about the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and divorce and civil remarriage. And in one sense that is good, because it helps us all focus for a few moments on the reality of marriage and family […]

The miraculous occurrence of St. Zenobius and other martyrs

Second Sunday during Lent Deacon Robert Banet

St. Zenobius

Never heard of him. Who is he?

He was a priest and a doctor, too. He lived in Tyre?

Where’s that?

Eastern Mediterranean coast. Anyway, he and other Catholics were arrested for not accepting the government religion. This was in the early days of the 300’s. […]

St. Raymond Nonnatus, Patron of Expectant Mothers and Families

Nearly all women hope for the safe delivery of the child in their womb. And some couples have difficulty conceiving a child, and earnestly pray that God may grant them this wonderful gift.

It’s helpful to know that the patron saint of safe and healthy deliveries is a man who himself was born in a […]