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Labor Day and why the Church must speak for social justice

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Go to Fr. Brankin's bio24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Fr. Anthony Brankin
Gospel: Matt. 18:21-35 How often shall I forgive my brother?

Summary (Today’s homily was followed by a heartfelt applause): Last week we had two great holidays – Labor Day and the feast of St. Peter Claver. One of the Church’s best kept secrets is its social teaching. This teaching needs to be understood more because it helps people and families.

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St. Peter Claver was a servant of the poorest of the poor. There were people in Africa captured by Arabs and sold as slaves. The slaves suffered from starvation, dehydration, and died by the hundreds of thousands in the holds of ships. Peter Claver understood the wickedness of the slave trade as they were dumped on the shores of South America. He gave them food and water, and told them about the God who loves them, told them about Jesus who suffered like they did, and died for them. Peter Claver baptized hundreds of thousands of slaves, and even is credited for making South America Catholic. Continue Reading…